Missions Without Walls


Mission Without Walls (MWW) works in conflict zones, after natural disasters, during epidemics, in long-term care settings, and in a variety of other situations. Every year, our teams deliver medical treatment to millions of patients through a variety of projects.
We are constantly seeking highly skilled Nigerian medical professionals to partner as RCCG Medical Professionals who will work with the General Overseer of RCCG and his wife to raise the standard of health care delivery in Nigeria to the standard maintained in North America The various services we render as expatriate includes but not limited to Health Screening- PSA, Cholesterol, DM, HTN, Glaucoma, Dental screening, etc. Train the Trainers- NRP, ACLS, ATLS, BLS, PALS, disaster preparedness, refresher courses for trainers, development of protocols, treat some acute illnesses & some chronic illnesses in collaboration with local medical team(s)



Our team can respond to emergencies extremely quickly during any crisis. We have staff on ground who can immediately helped victims of disasters, despite damage to all our medical facilities, as we geared up for a full emergency response. MWW has developed pre-packaged disaster kits, including a complete surgical theater, an obstetrics kit, and an inflatable hospital. These kits are now used as models by emergency relief organizations worldwide.



Emergencies do not occur all the time, but we have situations when we have slow paced disasters that emanate as diseases that destabilize a community, causing the health system to be weakened by instability, or individuals are purposefully denied access to care due to political reasons or otherwise. Also, if the area battles to recover, the government can be overwhelmed by the scope of the problems, or other health concerns can arise, such as cholera epidemics when clean water supplies are disturbed, with these, individuals may find it difficult to get healthcare after a brief emergency has passed. MWW strives to provide access to health care and to combat diseases that require long-term treatment, such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malignant tropical diseases like malaria, in these situations.



Our teams may provide day-to-day health care for large populations, such as accident and emergency treatment, surgery, and chronic condition management. In some circumstances, there is no operational health care infrastructure, therefore we can construct or repair clinics, set up ambulance services, or establish treatment programs. When appropriate, we may collaborate with other assistance organizations and governments to improve health care and eliminate the threat of an emergency in our nations.



Based on the scope and size of our work, we have unrivaled access to diseases, data, and the realities of providing care in life-threatening situations. MWW team works hard to improve our processes and share our findings with others. Our medical team is also enriched in research, and this has afforded us the ability to track changes in the treatment of diseases like tuberculosis (TB), HIV/AIDS, malaria, and environmental contamination. The findings in the research assists our field programs in implementing these adjustments from recommendations.


Your talent and generous gift will help us reach the needy