Missions Without Walls

About us

Who We Are

Mission Without Walls (MWW) is a 501(C) 3 organization that works with medical volunteers and other volunteers to supply medical assistance where it is most needed in the developing communities.

We focus on the underdeveloped and developing African countries. Our prototype commitment is in west Africa Nigeria. Our vision is to pull hundreds of individuals to a place where we try to address their bodily needs while praying for opportunities to minister to their spiritual needs as well, using the unique platform of medicine.

Our Approach


Since its founding in 2017, Mission Without Walls (MWW) has worked with a fierce commitment to focus on ‘where the need is, providing free world class medical care to those who to who otherwise would be unable to afford it.
These values allow us to respond quickly to emergencies and offer life-saving medical care in situations when many other organizations cannot or will not. This commitment ensures that we can help those who are most in need rather than allow them to die of treatable diseases.
MWW is devoted to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our mission initiatives. Regardless of color, gender, nationality, religion, or political affiliation MWW delivers medical humanitarian help to those who need it most.
Mission Without Walls (MWW) runs medical humanitarian projects in Nigeria presently with over several healthcare specialists and other volunteer members. Our teams of doctors, nurses, logisticians, and other volunteer workers join efforts to respond to the needs of people on the mission field, especially people whose lives have been severely affected by one crisis or the other. We are in the process of expanding to other African countries. Our decision to help people in any situation is purely based on our unbiased appraisal of their requirements. We aim to guarantee that we have the ability to independently assess medical needs, have unrestricted access to communities, and exercise direct control over the assistance we provide.

— Our Mission

Our mission is to alleviate suffering, preserve physical wellbeing, and supply necessary tools needed to create empowerment through training and resource sharing to the vulnerable communities that lack adequate healthcare while also connecting them to the Savior- Jesus Christ.

— Professional Ethics

We are independent, objective, and unbiased in helping the vulnerable communities with the scarce medical resources. Our model is principled on the ethics of delivering emergency medical aid to those who mostly need care. We carry out this task while being guided by the tenets of medical ethics, especially that which concerns taking care of people or groups without inflicting harm or pain to them.

— Our Story

MWW was founded in 2017 with the mission of saving lives and fulfilling the great commission through medicine and since then, it has treated millions of people. This idea originated from the passion of a Nigerian who realized that the Western World had produced well-meaning health care professionals who are authorities in their own fields, and it was time to address the gap of lack of sound healthcare system in the motherland Africa.


Mission Without Walls (MWW) is run by a team of professional medical practitioners with several years of medical experience and who understands the predicaments of the healthcare system of Africa. The board of directors is headed by Dr. Femi Taiwo.


This partnership offers an opportunity to make lasting and valuable change in the quality of life for God's people

- Dr. Joseph Taiwo
We’re looking for more volunteer

Our success over the past years is a credit to individuals, who have devoted their time and talent to MWW work both abroad and at home. Becoming a member implies proactively taking responsibility for MWW and all members of the organization maintains its focus on medical care and its key principles of independence, Unbiasedness , and neutrality.

MWW members are open to new ideas and are sensitive to the realities of providing medical aid in the world’s most difficult regions. MWW connections keeps our organization at the forefront of treating millions of people with rapid-response medical care.